YouTube Domain Fight

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, is a leader in online video sharing and other online services, owning numerous trademark and service mark registrations with the designation "YouTube" in several countries, including Switzerland.  Between January and May 2007, Mathias Moench registered 7 domain names using variations of "YouTube", including, which offered a file sharing service identical to that of YouTube.  The other six domains lead to web portals with several hyperlinks providing access to various web contents and internet services related or similar to YouTube's internet services or other services.  When YouTube successfully brought a WIPO proceeding seeking transfer of the disputed domain names, it was held that Moench was trying to unfairly exploit the recognition and reputation of YouTube's mark, in a classic case of cyber- and typosquatting. 

YouTube, LLC . Matthias Moench, WIPO Case No. DCH2007-0010.